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While DUI is traditionally associated with driving while under the influence of alcohol, it does not solely refer to that. DUI can also involve driving while under the influence of drugs. Engaging in such an action is considered just as illegal as drunk driving in the state of Florida, even if the drugs are legal prescription drugs that yet have a mind-altering effect on the user. In cases such as these, "under the influence" is considered being unable to drive or operate a motor vehicle with the same faculty as one would in normal circumstances, provided the person is of sound mind in the first place.

There is no "legal limit," as such, in drug DUI cases, and so the arresting officer must use his or her best judgment in deciding whether the person is fit to drive or not. Only after the arrest is made can the person's ability to drive, or lack thereof, be verified by a series of tests.

As drug DUI cases inherently enter subjectivity and opinion into the equation, it is imperative you contact a Gainesville DUI defense attorney if you have been charged with a DUI offense involving drugs, as the arresting officer may have made a mistake, or you may have experienced a violation of your rights.

Legal Assistance for those Arrested on Drug DUI Charges

The attorney team at Kinsell Law Firm is familiar with the subjectivity and guesswork that can be involved in a drug DUI arrest. That is why we provide diligent and aggressive service to those facing drug DUI charges, as there may have been substantial mistakes or rights violations made in the process of the arrest.

If you are charged with a drug DUI infraction, contact our offices today, and we will fully examine your case to determine if such violations exist, so that we can better your chances of a case resolution in which your charges are lessened or completely eradicated.

Have you been arrested for a DUI involving drugs? Contact a Gainesville DUI lawyer for experienced defense.

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