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The penalties one can face for a DUI conviction in Florida are amongst the most serious in the United States. They can include substantial fines, suspension of one's drivers' license, vehicle impound, mandatory DUI classes, probation, and jail time. An individual who has been charged with DUI would be well served to retain the services of an experienced attorney in their case. An attorney can provide one with experienced legal service that involves investigating one's arrest and charges for inconsistencies and rights violations, and professional representation in court.

If you have been arrested for DUI in Gainesville, contact a Gainesville DUI defense lawyer right away, and your chances of a beneficial outcome may be increased dramatically.

DUI Conviction Consequences

The consequences of a DUI conviction in the state of Florida can be very severe. One who has been convicted can have their lives adversely affected long after their punishment has been served. They may have trouble finding gainful employment, or purchasing a home or vehicle for their family. They may also encounter difficulty in applying for secondary education, in the event that they would like to return to school. Hiring a competent DUI defense lawyer can give one a strong chance of avoiding these consequences, and successfully moving on from their arrest.

Kinsell Law Firm provides high quality legal service to those facing DUI charges, and we are available to assist you in your case by providing you with professional legal defense. Contact our offices today, and we will use the information gleaned from a thorough investigation of your charges to increase your chances of a favorable resolution to your case.

Contact a Gainesville DUI attorney if you need professional legal defense in your DUI case. We offer free case evaluations!

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