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Out of State DUI Cases

DUI Defense Attorney in Gainesville

Nearly every state in the U.S. is part of an agreement known as the Driver License Compact. The Driver License Compact involves states reporting traffic violations on a national database called the National Driver Register, which can be viewed by all states that are part of the compact. This means that if an individual who lives out of state (Texas, for example) is arrested for DUI while driving in Florida, then Florida will very likely report the offense to the register, and the individual's home state of Texas may decide to suspend their license and possibly levy other penalties.

If you have been charged with DUI while driving in Florida but live in a different state, then it is highly advised you contact a Gainesville DUI defense lawyer who can represent you in your case and may help you avoid license suspension or revocation in your home state.

Have You Been Charged with DUI While Traveling Out of State?

Being arrested for an out of state DUI can have substantial consequences for the accused. They will likely face charges in both the state they were traveling in and their home state, and they may end up with their license suspended or revoked for a substantial period of time. Kinsell Law Firm has provided assistance to individuals in all manner of DUI cases, including those in which the person was arrested while out of their home state. If you are facing out of state DUI charges, contact our offices today. We will do our utmost in your case to increase the likelihood of a resolution that is wholly advantageous to you.

Contact a Gainesville DUI lawyer from our firm for a free case evaluation if you have been arrested for DUI while traveling out of your home state.

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