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Gainesville BUI Lawyer

Charged with a BUI?

The term BUI refers to being charged with Boating Under the Influence of alcohol. Like a DUI, it can happen when boating while intoxicated with alcohol or under the influence of drugs. A Gainesville DUI defense attorney from Kinsell Law Firm aggressively defends cases which have been charged with BUI.

Like a DUI (Driving Under the Influence), blood alcohol levels of .08% or higher constitute drunk boating under this crime charge. One can also be charged if under the influence of other controlled substances. This attorney team is proud to bring over 15 years of experience in defending clients against these and other crimes. Being charged with operating a boating craft or sailing vessel when drunk or drugged is no light matter. As with DUI charges, prosecutors vigorously pursue conviction and maximum penalties. It requires competent legal representation to maximize one's chance for a favorable outcome.

Aggressive Defense Attorney in Gainesville

The penalties and consequences of being convicted of a BUI crime vary according to several factors, such as whether it was a first-time offense, how much damage was done, if a minor was aboard the vessel and whether the boating accident resulted in manslaughter or wrongful death. Penalties can range from fines of $500 to $1,000 or more and jail time or prison incarceration up to 6 months or years in the extreme.

There are a great deal of potential factors and numerous governing elements in the law surrounding BUI boat crash charges, whether they are at the lowest degree of misdemeanor or the highest degree of felony. It is extremely important that if you or a loved one are under a BUI charge, you get an experienced attorney on your side who can help you understand your case, do an independent investigation where needed and build a formidable defense to maximize your potential to win. We treat our clients with respect and have an "innocence until proven guilty" mindset.

Contact a Gainesville BUI Defense Lawyer for courteous legal advice and representation dedicated to your rights and best interests in any BUI case.

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